performance management

Main screen of the grade management function

Automatic saving of grades as graphs and numbers
Individualized monitoring of learners' progress and understanding

Learners' grades can be checked from "Grade Management" and "Chart Function". Grade Management" can be used for "overall grade management", and "Chart Function" can be used for "grade management and analysis for each learner". Administrators can use these two functions to view the percentage of correct answers for each question and the grades for each learner in graphs and tables. In addition, the administrator can view the grades of learners, and learners can also view their own grades.

Main functions of grade management

  • Saving and Viewing Grades
  • CSV output of grades
  • clinical records function
  • List of certificates
  • Display of submitted report list
  • Report Scoring Management

Features of Grade Control

Feature 01
Automatic grading and saving of grades

Automatically save grades to grade management

Save a list of information about your grades

The results of the learning materials are automatically saved in the results management system, and you can check the score, pass/fail, start date and time, and time required. You can check the score, pass/fail, start date and time, time required, etc. The materials are automatically graded, so there is no need to grade them.
It also supports saving performance management data in CSV format.

Certificates and badges

View a list of certificates and badges

Learners can see the list of "certificates they can get or have gotten in the future" and "badges they have gotten". The list of acquired certificates and badges will motivate the learners.

Feature 02
Instantly see your learning status

Narrowing down the results in the grade management screen

Track your progress by narrowing down your grades

Grades can be filtered and displayed by "period, group, learning status" and other criteria, so you can quickly see the learning status. For example, you can check which learners have not studied or passed by filtering by "Teaching Materials" and "Not Studied" and sorting by "Pass/Fail".
In addition, since you can check the overall percentage of correct answers for each question, you can use this information to analyze how to improve the overall level of understanding, for example, by improving or increasing the learning materials for materials with a low percentage of correct answers.

Feature 03
Analyze the results for each learner

Medical record function screen

Chart function shows your strengths and weaknesses

If you create web quiz/web test questions with tags such as "grammar" or "sentence reading comprehension", you can check the "correct answer rate for each tag" from the "chart function". Since the percentage of correct answers is displayed for each learner, you can analyze each person's strengths and weaknesses.


Quantify your daily learning

In addition to analysis using tags, the chart function shows "learning frequency, learning time, grades, and learning progress" for each learner. This is ideal for remote learning management, as it allows you to grasp the learning status of learners, such as "how much they are learning and understanding".

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